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A Short Film by Sofia Capista


01 about

When emotional pain manifests into a physical form, a seemingly powerless, young girl struggles to release the ever-increasing weight of her traumas.

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Manifestation is an eight minute, coming of age drama that analyses the importance of releasing negative emotions and traumas in life, before they trap you physically. The film centres around a seemingly powerless, ten-year-old Grace, who has become increasingly troubled by her parents’ rampant arguing and destructive home life. With so much pain and no where to place it, a lump manifests in her throat, disabling her vocal chords, and rendering her truly voiceless. Unsure of how to cope with this new obstacle in her life, she continues to bury her feelings, only encouraging the lump to grow larger. Feeling hopeless and alone, she is confronted in class by her teacher, Ms. Ann, who prompts Grace and her class to use art as a mode of expression. Motivated by a desperate desire to relieve her pain, Grace begins to paint and is taken over by a fiery passion, as her brush hits the canvas. She steps back, looking at the canvas; now filled with black and red angry lines, surrounding a caged figure. She begins to wail, finally letting out her voice and banishing the lump. Later, Grace goes home to her parents and shows them her artwork, confronting her feelings and taking back her voice.


02 cast

Mia Burke as


In the midst of a panic attack rooted from her toxic home environment, a lump forms in Grace’s throat, disabling her vocal chords and rendering her voiceless.

Miriam Capper as

Grace's Mother

Frustrated with the state of her marriage, Grace’s mother struggles to balance her responsibilities as a wife and as a mother.

Ted Powers as

Grace's Father

Clouded by his addiction, Grace’s father is absent from her life until confronted by his daughter and his own guilt.

Scarlett DiCaro as


Upon Grace’s sudden reluctance to speak, Maya grows worried about her friend, but gives her space until Grace is ready to open up

Felicia Valenti as

Ms. Ann

Noticing Grace’s sudden change in behaviour, Ms. Ann decides to consult her parents - concerned about her student’ s life at home.


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